R2S Project

AIA leaders and staff representing over 10 countries around the world will be ministering to Olympians while on the project. AIA staff will have direct access to the athletes while acting in unique positions in Sochi: chaplains, advisers, counselors, coaches, trainers, and other administrative positions.

Delegates’ Objectives

  • Share Christ with the athletes of every team of every sport participating in the Olympics.
  • Identify and network with Christian athletes from around the world.
  • Train Christian professional and elite athletes to use their sports platform to share Christ with fellow athletes and the general public.
  • Provide outreach and relationship building events for athletes and officials.

Sponsor an AIA Delegate

Help AIA staff win individuals to Christ while they are competing at the games, build them in their faith and empower them to share the gospel around the world!

National leader scholarship – $2,500